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Romantic Rock -
Romantic Rock began in a small studio in 1997 with the desire to create wearable art to express oneself. Today, 20 years later Romantic Rock still holds strong to the beginnings of their passion for fashion and the art that inspired the line.

AAbout Me?

ABOUT ME: Designer, surfer, art dealer, passion-driven California girl. That is me in a nutshell. Having a life of a fashion designer for the last 20 years I have seen the thick and the thin… traveled the world as a surfer, toured the globe in music production, battled and survived cancer, battled and survived addiction, fallen in love, fallen out of love…. And closed and opened many chapters. This new chapter of art management and art show production allows me to showcase the talent and beauty of artists in both our world of music and our world of everything. Allowing these artists to bring their ART to their fans and clients give me gratification and joy in knowing we are affecting those around us, providing hope and beauty and these artists are appreciated day and night. Not only talented musicians but artists too I hope I can share this life of ART with you that I am grateful to so intimately share with these artists. Welcome to Punk Rock & Paintbrushes.

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Romantic Rock; Emily T. Nielsen

: +1.714.261.1590 USA
: EMILY T. NIELSEN San Diego, CA 92109